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Bootneck... Bootneck

From an early childhood of post war austerity in a bankrupted Britain, the book is Croskerry's journey from a troubled adolescence to a life of normality. The story illustrates the contrast between the blue Royal Marines of his fathers generation to the Royal Marine Commandos of the 1960's. Whether you are a former serviceman, a baby boomer, or just someone looking for an adventurous read, you will enjoy a nostalgic walk through a transformative period of our time.

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  • - in Kindle and coming soon in paperback
  • - in Kindle and coming soon in paperback

Our Land Is The Sky

Young crow Jimmy Fastwing has his grandfather to teach him the basic things a young crow needs to know. If he can manage the first stages of take-offs and landings, there will be other family members to assist him in his learning. He’ll have to know about things like finding food, hiding it, and socializing with the clan.

Join Jimmy in his first year of life as he grows, learns, and avoids one calamity after another. If he’s lucky, he’ll learn quickly enough to become an important member of the clan.

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  • Rising Star Award

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