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Author of Our Land is the Sky - The Adventures of Jimmy Fastwing

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Corvid Corner Corvid Corner was kind enough to review Our Land Is The Sky. Click here to read their great review by Meg Smith and visit Corvid Corner
  "I love my crows. And I love books. And I really love books about crows. I recently read a charming story of Jimmy Fastwing, a young crow, in the journey of his first year of life. This book walks you through the life of a young, clever crow named Jimmy Fastwing. Life isn’t easy being a crow. It is easy for us to forget how very few crow actually survive through their first year. Less than half of the crows hatched will survive each year. The odds are not in their favor. Add in the constant danger from dogs, cats and humans who despite crows, and the first year of a crow’s life is as action packed as any blockbuster movie. Our Land is the Sky: The Adventures of Jimmy Fastwing by Frank J. Croskerry gives us a peek into the day to day life and struggles of one little brave crow.

One of my favorite quirky parts of this story is that Frank Croskerry adds in little cute crow puns like “crow-sing” for cruising, “crow-d”, and cawcaphony… I have a penchant for such puns. I used them here on CorvidCorner myself with “crow-tations” and so each time I read one of his clever little puns I smiled and chuckled to myself. Fun!

I recommend this book for all who love crows, birds or just a good fictional story of the natural world. Our Land is the Sky: The Adventures of Jimmy Fastwing is a juvenile fiction book, 88 pages. I read it in an hour or so. I even read it aloud for a friend. I think it is a great story to read to your children, to your friends, to anyone interested in learning more about crows and their social nature and their struggle to survive the first year of life. Thank you Frank J. Croskerry for this charming read. It now has a permanent place in my ever-growing library of crow-related books."
   - Meg Smith, June 12, 2012 Michael J. Westerfield is a renowned expert in the field of the language and culture of crows. Visit to learn all about these fascinating birds!
  "The first book in a proposed trilogy about the life and adventures of the crow, Jimmy Fastwing. The story of Jimmy’s first year is filled with learning experiences and adventures as he tries to survive and take his place as a valued member of his crow clan. This is an excellent book aimed primarily at younger readers, but which crow loving adults will enjoy as well. It hits exactly the right “crowish” tone in the conversations between the characters and their names for the various other species with whom they share their territory. The details of crow life and behavior are also quite accurate."    - Michael Westerfield, November 8, 2011 Joshua Klein is most widely known for his project designed to train crows. Visit for information on his most recent project Also visit for more information on Josh The Hamilton News is a local newspaper in the city where Frank resides in Canada. Visit to read their story of a local author


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